June Zamecnik, Preschool Teacher: I am married to my husband Mike. Together we have 5 daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter. Family is very important to me. I love children. I have been teaching preschool for 38 years. I have had so many wonderful children throughout those years. I find it so crazy that often times I have the children of previous students in my class. Wow! Where did the time go? I love reading stories, teaching the love of music and all things to do with gardening and nature. Little Village has been the perfect teaching spot for me. It’s all about the children, the families and the love of teaching. It’s not a joke if you love being at Little Village every day! I’m here for the fun!

Anton, Teacher Aide

Hi, my name is Anton Gross. I am a recent graduate at Hiram College with a double major in Religious Studies and Educational Studies. I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. I am here at Little Village because I love kids. No matter how young they are or how old they get, I enjoy them. I believe a male’s presence was needed here at Little Village. When I was volunteering here, I noticed that there were no men around that was totally fine with me. That is why I wanted to be here for them. I believe that the kids love having me around and they make me smile every day that I spend with them. It is a blessing! A couple of interesting facts about me before I go 1) back in DC I interned with a nonprofit organization that mentored homeless youth and 2) I plan to build my own nonprofit organization for not just homeless youth, but for homeless people. These facts should give you a sense of who I am. See you around and best wishes!

Meet Our Staff

Tyrik, Teacher Aide

Hi, my name is Tyrik Robinson and I am a sophomore at Hiram College. I came to Hiram College to play football, something that I have loved ever since I was young. I am a Sociology Major and I plan to pursuit a career in social work. I was born in Hinesville, Georgia but was raised in St.Petersburg, Florida. I love working with children and love being a role model in their lives. When I first heard about Little Village I thought it would be an awesome opportunity because I really enjoy being around kids. I love being able to bring laughter into each of their days. My goal after graduation is to go to grad school at Case Western to get my masters in Sociology. My favorite color is purple and bears are my favorite animals.

Macy, Teacher Aide

​Hi! My name is Macy Welsh and I am a student at Hiram College! I am an Early Childhood Education major, originally a nursing major. My passion is being able to work with children and watching them grow. I have a beautiful goddaughter who I love to spend my time with. I also have two guinea pigs named Castiel and Alice. I started volunteering at Little Village in January of 2017 and officially started working here in July of 2017. My goal after I graduate is to become a K-3 teacher somewhere in the world

Courtney Wagner, Site Administrator:  I began my journey here at LV in 2014 as a floater when I was a student at Hiram College. I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Childhood Education, but I have found that Early Childhood is where my focus should be! I have loved every minute of the time spent here learning and growing with our unique and loving Little Village families and staff. I spend most of my free time with my nephew, Bennet James, and I love to read and learn new things as often as possible!

Kennedy, Teacher Aide

Hi! My name is Kennedy Rondini and I am currently a student at Hiram College. I am going for a major in Early Childhood Education. I’ve always loved kids and working with kids. I babysit throughout the summer from newborns to 11 years old.  I chose to work at Little Village because they have all different age groups that I get to work with. I want to be a teacher because I love working with kids and my passion is to help people grow. In my free time I am most likely spending time with my niece and nephew or shopping or working out. One of the many things I love about Little Village is how interactive you get to be with all the children and seeing the children grow each time I am here! 

Little Village

Early Learning Center
at Hiram Christian Church

Melissa,  XPLOR

My name is Melissa Peralez. I am the current XPLOR resident for Hiram-Mantua. I am the teacher-aide at the moment. I am from Texas and I have worked with all ages from newborn to school age. I have an associate's degree in culinary arts so in my spare time I love to cook. I love children and teaching them. The thing that stands out the most to me about Little Village is how open the students are to the new staff. They also show so much love to the teachers and other staff. It serves me hope that the future is bright for these little ones.

Volunteer With Us

Thanks to our wonderful affiliation with Hiram College, we are able to bring in qualified and enthusiastic students to work along with our staff. 

With this fellowship, we are able to give back to our Hiram community by providing Hiram College students with hands-on professional experience in early childhood education as well as childcare. With the continual growth of Little Village Early Learning Center, we hope to further educate caring childcare staff.

Hannah, Teacher Aide

Hello! My name is Hannah McBride and I’m a student at Hiram College. My major is Early Childhood Education. I have always loved being around little kids and I have two little kids in my extended family. I want to become a teacher because I love helping kids and you get to see them grow throughout the year. I wanted to work at Little Village because you get to work with different age groups and it’s a great head start for my career. In my free time I love hanging out with friends and family. I can’t wait to continue working here and seeing the kids grow each day.  

Hannah, Teacher Aide

Hi! My name is Hannah Cramer and I am a student at Hiram College. I am an Educational Studies major. I want to take my degree and become a social worker once I graduate. I have always loved being around kids; I have 9 nieces and nephews so I have always been around kids. I’ve been employed at a daycare since I was 18 and I have enjoyed it! I have been working here at Little Village and I enjoy working with each one of these kids. I love working with kids and watching them grow. Elephants are my favorite animals and my favorite color is purple. I really enjoy taking pictures in my spare time.

Kelley Owen, Toddler Teacher:  I truly enjoy working here. The thing I like the most about Little Village is how family-oriented we are. I love that I get a chance to talk and get to know the parents and children. When I am not working at Little Village, I am probably at Jake’s Market in Mantua where I work part-time. My favorite place to be is hanging out with my daughter, Allie. We love to listen to music together, help out with our church, and take walks around Mantua. Please feel free to stop in the toddler room and say Hi!

Tina Davis, Preschool Teacher: I am super excited to be your child’s Pre-K teacher. I worked at Crestwood Schools as an aide for grades K-2 before joining Little Village. I also do a lot of volunteering with the kindergarten class in the afternoons, as well as work actively with the Crestwood Primary and Intermediate PTO. I have two kids of my own, a 9-year-old daughter, and a 7-year-old son. Prior to working for Crestwood, I ran an in-home daycare for 5 years. My goal is to get your children ready for Kindergarten as much as I can. My favorite colors are red & pink, and my favorite animal is an owl.

De'Monte, Teacher Aide

​Hey! My name is De’Monte Mann. I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina, a true southern boy. I am currently an Early Childhood Education major at Hiram College, and I will soon graduate with a teacher license to teach school-aged children. I have played football for most of my life, love working with children, and I have helped my friends run camps back home. Every time I go to North Carolina, I take my nieces and nephews to the library and read to them.  I love being here at Little Village and seeing the kids laugh, smile, socialize, and having a good time. The families here at Little Village are important to us as well as the children. Anyone and everyone is welcome to become a part of our family! 

Who We Are

Each class is headed by a highly qualified
Early Childhood Professional. Our staff members are nurturing by nature and children at heart. While some of our staff have Bachelors and Masters Degrees, others are gaining valuable experience with Little Village. All of our staff members are required to take in-service training classes while employed with us. This gives them the skills they need to present 

programs of excellence by challenging our students with enjoyable and educational activities. For specific details on the educational 

background or other qualifications of the individual teachers that work with your child, arrange a conference with our administrator.